2022 Mother's Day Gift Boxes

At Bestowal, we love to celebrate our mamas. They are the women who run our homes, our boardrooms and make the world a better place. Take a look at some of our favorite Bestowal Boxes that serve as great reminders to make that mama in your life feel special this Mother’s Day.

Hey Mama Box: Features some of our favorite products such as the BKR Spiked Water Bottle, and the Camo Mama Baseball Hat by Rey to Z.

Me Time Box: The perfect gift to relax! This box features some incredible items such as the ESW Beauty Watermelon Grapefruit Face Mask and the Blush Porter ceramic mug, 16 oz by W&P.

Work it Girl! Box: This box is perfect for any woman in your life that is on the go! Some of the featured items include the Dark Chocolate salted caramel chocolate bar by Compartes or the Black Porter ceramic mug, 16 oz by W&P.

Oh Baby!: This is the perfect gift box for any new mamas! It includes amazing items such as the Wee nibble plush bunny and the Indigo silicone roll-up bear bib.

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