Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Bestowal's founder and entrepreneur, Chloe Reumond, spent many long hours during quarantine asking herself how to make the brand stronger and how to better serve our target clients post-pandemic. As a corporate industry veteran who understands the importance of human connection, Chloe + the Bestowal team offer our clients personalized gift giving services that speak specifically to personalization. We analyzed the strategies that are most important to help businesses survive + thrive post-pandemic and designed a website that speaks to the fresh needs of brands in 2021 and beyond. Here are a few things we have concluded and are excited to launch our new website so that we better serve you!

NICHES We love to serve any type of business. Whether you are small or large, local or suburban, we know how to make things custom and curated for just about anyone. We have also discovered that the following four genres of business have done exceptionally well with our product:

  1. TECH: With tech, gifting serves as a great opportunity to get new users of your products excited about what you are doing.

  2. REAL ESTATE: For real estate, gifting your clients with something personal and special after a monumental purchase is necessary.

  3. LAW: For law, we always see how hard those staff members are working and have found a ton of success with employee gifts.

  4. FINANCE: In finance, a little gratitude goes a long way and our gifts have been the key to some of the top recruits in the city.

GROWTH STRATEGY: We have taken the notion of gifting from not necessary to imperative. Gifting grows your business, period. Here are a few ways we have found this to be true:

  1. ENGAGE: Engaging and conversing with your target audience with personalized gifts sets you apart from those who don’t.

  2. BOOK:: Booking meetings and client engagement with personalized gifts motivate prospective clients to engage with you on an emotional level.

  3. CLOSE: Closing deals fast and efficiently is important, and including our gifts will help you to build deeper connections.

  4. CELEBRATE: Celebrating milestones will help captivate new employees and recruit top talent.

CATEGORIES: Not sure where and how you want to use Bestowal’s services but see the value in it? Let us show you a few ways that you can use us year round. You can also sign up to do drip campaigns where we automatically send gifts to prospects, employees or clients regularly.

  1. CLIENT: Help thank your client for the business that keeps the door open and your business alive.

  2. PROSPECT: Grab prospects' attention with a special gift that offers a new relationship.

  3. EMPLOYEE + NEW HIRE: Show your employees that you are excited to have them as part of your team and are there to support them.

  4. MILESTONE MOMENTS: Help your clients celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries or weddings by offering personalized gifts they will remember forever.

  5. EVENTS: Events are a great way to show attention to detail and using gift boxes will help you personalize your connection to the client.

  6. HOLIDAY: Holidays are the perfect time to remind your clients that you are there for them and ready to help them cross things off their to do list.

With our newly launched website, there is closer detail on how to help businesses not only pick up where you left off, but to show appreciation and attention to detail to push your brand to new heights. Our new launch focuses on the inner workings of a business, how gifting makes you thrive, how gifting improves structure and why taking care of clients + staff is the only option. Let us be your go-to for maintaining success and continuing word of mouth referrals about your brand and the way you take care of people.

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